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Kolchak & Jodi

That vet should be ashamed. Any owner, knowing they couldn't afford the bills should at least be told if there is a rescue that will accept such animals. To have collected to cremation fee is absolutely unethical. If I had paid that fee, would be demanding the full amount be returned (and then I would promptly give it to the rescue that saved my dog.)

I do agree though, I would never allow my pup to be put to sleep without a loved one there. I just couldn't do it.


I have heard from vets that a lot of people don't want to be there when their dog is euthanised. It makes it harder on the vet as well, not to have the dog's owner there to hold it and say goodbye. I held my first dog while the vet put her to sleep and it was the hardest thing I have ever done, but there is no way that I would elect to not be there.

geogia little pea

I don't understand the action of the vet. As Jodi mentioned, he/she should have told Gossett about the rescue. Still, a very good ending for Lola, to beloved by not just 1 but 2 families.

Sherry in MT

I totally agree with your summation. Not an ethical vet at ALL and I also don't understand people not staying with their pets as they pass over but also know many just cannot bear it.

Nanny McFur

Thanks for sharing. That is shocking. Sounds like a very dishonest vet. Even though she signed a contract I would suggest discussing this with a lawyer - or the veterinarian's governing body.


the vet is an asshole and should be reported.


Not ethical! Taking money for a service that is not carried out is STEALING.(lets call a spade a spade) I imagine it would have been expensive too.

I'm sure that karma will repay Mrs Gossett for her generosity in the best possible way.


That definitely falls into the weird category in my book.

Number one I would never let my dog be put down without me being there. I was there when we had to euthanize my little beagle Roxanne, it was the worst thing I've ever done in my entire life, but I couldn't let her life end on a table surrounded by people who didn't love her.

Second, I would sue that Vet for emotional damages (thinking her dog was dead) and make sure they NEVER worked as a vet again. Totally UNETHICAL!!

Happy though that the dog turned out alive.


REally scary that when one person can't afford the care and animal needs it is recommended that they be put down, it is done everyday in america. from cats dogs hamsters ferrets to pet mice to horses and other breeds to many to mention, as bad as the situation was at least the little dog got to live thank god for rescue people. I do not believe that the owner should have been notified


Sorry I do think the owner should have been notified of this option Life is always a better option if availabl. Sorry she had to suffer that loss needlessly. I have lost quite a few dogs and cats during my life which this could have been available for some of my pets Euthanaia is the last recourse to end their suffering I had to do that to my 14 yr old cat who was severely injured her life quality would have been not good even with the thousands of dollars that were needed to help her thru that trauma. I have always brought them home for burial thankfully I have property for that! People that live in apartments do not generally!


This is sad.

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