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Sue St Clair

A lovely write-up :) The White House has seen many canine residents. I enjoyed learning about Heidi :)


Interesting history on the Weimariner. It's still not a very common breed, I don't think. I've only seen them on television. But they are definitely beautiful.

georgia little pea

All the brothers were nicknamed Ike? How strange.

That's a great quote about the "fight" :) Interesting bit of history too, about the way weis were brought into the States.


wow..didn't know that..well I knew all about Ike but not the dog..cool


Such an interesting story. Clive plays regularly on our local green with the most beautiful Weimeraner - who has the most incredible blue eyes. They are such fabulous dogs.


I wonder why all of the brothers were nicknamed Ike?

I love the pictures of Heidi, she has such an alert look on her face.


I did not know the history of the Weimeraner (or what kind of dog Ike had for that matter.)

Your posts are always so interesting, I think I learn something every time I read. :-)


I loved reading about Eisenhower's dogs, especially the Weimeraner. My aunt owned one for a short while...I don't know what happened to it...but I do remember how gentle and soft she was.

Heidi is such a pretty dog. Good post, thank you, Jan!

Dennis the Vizsla

Weimies are beautiful dogs. We considered getting one before we ended up falling in love with vizslas.

Charleston Voice

Are you an Eisenhower Neoconservative?

What’s a Neoconservative?

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