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Karen Friesecke

I'm sure that Inuit people are jumping for joy at the stereotype portrayed in the commercial...

BabyRocketDog and Hootie

My favorite is the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial from 2002:


It still makes me get choked up.

A note to Karen: I worked with the native people of Alaska for 4 years and they (Inupiat & Yupik, etc.) are very proud of their way of life and customs. As a whole they are very witty, cheerful folks and I bet they'll get a kick out of this commercial!


Oh please, Karen stereotype?

Some people seem to be looking at everything to find something that will offend somebody. Its sad what has happened to harmless humor today.


I love that first commercial. The dogs all looked like they were having a blast. The surfing dog made me laugh out loud. I can't say I'm going to rush out and buy a Subaru but I won't forget the ad any time soon.

I agree with Karen about the second one, though. An igloo? Seriously? Even if you push the potential offence aside, there comes a time when it's just so unoriginal it's not funny.


as long as the dogs speak with an american accent and not British or Australian ..

Karen Friesecke

@Jerry - I'm offended by almost nothing, but seriously, Inuit people DO NOT live in igloos anymore and they usually get around with snowmobiles. I thought that the commercial was pretty lame.

geogia little pea

I don't follow Super Bowl commercials anymore but back in the day, a big favourite was 1984 the big brother apple spot.


I just watch the super bowl for the commercials they are the best part.



I don't really watch football but with the Super bowl it is the best time to watch so you can see all the new commercials.


those are good. have you seen the subaru commercials with the dogs going camping and skiing? they're all excellent.

Rose Ector

Heh, now that's adorable. It's quite fun to see animals in commercials, to see how they would react to the odd situations that happen in those advertisements.

Sebastian Gaydos

Since portraying of dogs in car ads had a lot more impact to its viewers, it would help car companies to gain more sales by emphasizing their car features shown in ads to the customers. After all, those models have been known for its quality and performance so it will be an easy strategy to sell them.

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