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Customs use Beagles here for detector dog duties. There is also a search and rescue Corgi who works the forests looking for hikers. I don't know of any S&R or drug dogs as small as those guys though!


This is SO cool, and I'm so happy that people are thinking outside the box.


I'm not surprised...poodles are among the smartest and quickest dogs! It's a tough job they are doing, and I hope it doesn't ruin their happy go lucky dispositions. They look so cute and ready to go! xx


I think what I like best about poodles is that they always appear to be eternal optimists and always ready for whatever adventure is coming next.


Well, now that I think about it, it stands to reason that they would use little dogs on the force. They can be so brilliant and can fit into places the big dogs can't.


This is awesome! After all, it's the nose that's important in most of these cases, not the size. Little dogs love to work just as much as their larger counterparts. They are not always happy just being lapdogs. Especially poodles, I would think!

Beth & Alfie

I've thought about this before -- how advantageous a small dog might be for some of these assignments. Cool!


How precious. I once had a toy poodle and a minature male poodle. The little toy female was apricot also. They were trained to love me.


i love it..great idea..

Dennis the Vizsla

Plus when Godzilla attacks they can bark in unison and summon Mothra!


I love it when little dogs get jobs just like big dogs. It's great when people recognize that small dogs aren't toys but fabulous canine individuals. I'm sure these two will be a credit to the Japanese police force they work with.

toy dogs

That's great! Toy Poodles deserve a praiseworthy job too! They will be great :)

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