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That was one of my favorite family trips, Mom!


So many places to stash my furs!



Hearst was a nasty man but it's nice to know that anyone can experience love for a dog.


I love that tiny dogs can wrap rich powerful men around their paws and bring them to tears. That was a touching elegy that probably surprised people who though he had no heart.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

I never knew that he had dachshunds. The castle looks pretty impressive, alright!


It was a lovely post. That is how I feel about my dogs...


the only thing I remember reading about the place was the party's there..and damn, can't remember his name ..the Indian that was in all the old movies ..they wrote about party's where all the guys playing the indians were invited to the party's and had to stay in costume. running around chasing starlets in their loin cloth and braids.


I could build a comfortable place to live and it wouldn't take me 28 years to do it. I'm just saying...


If a dog can't win your heart you really are a lost soul with no hope of redemption in my mind!

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