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Sew Crazy Dog Lady

If one of the "biggest challenges" that I ever face in my life is how to fold a fitted sheet... oy vey.. seriously?


really? what the fuck!

Dr. Liz

Really? Wow. I guess California is really the leader is What's Important, huh? ;-) As for fitted sheets, I have two, and one gets washed/dried the same day that I am changing the other one, so there is none of this 'folding' nonsense. :-)

Dr. Liz

Oh, and I'll admit to dying of curiosity; why are they legislating against flat sheets? Has the Flat Sheet Lobbying Group fallen on hard times? Are the Fitted Sheet Lobbyists sending the legislators 800 thread count fitted sheets? Inquiring minds NEED to know. (Because I cannot believe that a state that has no money would waste its time declaring a certain type of sheet mandatory....)

Anne Gibert

Every now and then it's good to be reminded how lucky I am that I don't live in California.


It is absolutely amazing what our elected can think up. I think California is pretty much at the top.


I think there is a happy medium between both of those methods.


I can't wait to hear their next great idea!

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