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holy shit..brave my ass?..stupid dog could have gotten shot..pretty fucking funny though

Angela Knutsen

I love it when the good guys win


When I saw the video of the fabulous Paco on the news, I thought of you.

BTW I'm getting a Blogger profile not available error message when I try to come by here. I'm betting it has to do with Blogger. Lately, they have been impossible to deal with in Internet Explorer and Chrome. I've had to switch to Firefox in order to post. Just thought I'd let you know.

Dave Bel

Wow! That's great. I'm surprised that a chihuahua scred them off! Good for that little chihuahua!! :)

Dave Bel



I'm guessing it's harder to shoot a small yappy dog jumping up your leg & miss your own foot than some people might think...


Now I'm able to post again.




He could had been shot, but it's because he produced such a ruckus that saved his life.

Criminals don't like drawing attention to themselves, so Paco was a liability and shoot him would be idiotic in that situation.


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