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I watched him and thought of the damn dog the whole time..ha


I have often believed one of the reasons large breeds get in trouble is because they are a status symbol of power and strength, not because people appreciate them for their very beautiful qualities and gifts. Often people buy the larger breeds and then abandon them because they liked the symbolic "idea" of the big animal, but not the realities of owning one.

I appreciate people who buy a dog that suits the life they lead. While I have never been a huge poodle fan, I do know plenty of people who own them and find they fit into their life style. They don't need the dog to make a statement about who they are, they want a companion who can be happy with the life they have to offer.

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

Cute poodle, I've never seen a surfing poodle before! They look like great friends.


I've kind of had a thing for Federer for a long time so was kind of sad when this upstart defeated him. But now that I know his best friend is a poodle... ;-) I guess I am not a very loyal fan.


Love it!

He has a pretty amazing girlfriend too!

Lucky guy all round I guess!


I don't like it when people choose a dog for all the wrong reasons. Dogs aren't status symbols, they are creatures who will give you all the love they have in their hearts to give and then more. Bravo to those who choose the dog that's right for them... even if it is a poodle. Just kidding, Jan. You have taught me that poodles are good dogs too.


I bet someone could do a great blog post on manly men and the lap dogs they love. It would be great!


Everyone including men...need dogs!


the 5Bs

part of his hotness is his dog! poodles always make a human hotter!

Dr. Liz

Love it!!! (And his poodle!) ;-)


Go Joker :)


Pierre is a very cool poodle who is fortunate to have a handsome, famous owner. I like people who like animals. When I read that Rafael does not like any animals, he went down to the bottom of the list of people I like.It surprised me that Pierre was barred from Wimbledon since the Brits are well-known for being animal-lovers.

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