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I loved these movies! I wish I owned the whole collection as I now feel the need to watch them again. Nick and Nora essentially lived my fantasty life. Looks like I am heading to Amazon!

I heard they were going to remake the first one with Johnny Depp. Could be interesting or could be a disaster. I wonder who they would cast as the dog?


I've seen this name on crossword puzzles forever as "movie dog" but never knew what it meant.


I have seen all of them..more than once..probably the only thing my parents agreed on was they both loved those movies.


We had never heard of them before but what a great story!

Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

I've heard of Asta but never seen The Thin Man. Maybe I'll look into them.


I remember Asta from the 50's series but I didn't remember what breed he was.

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