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Deb in AZ

Um, it sure wouldn't hurt to pilot a test program using dogs. I'd vote for that.


We'd "lobby" for the dogs.

Jerard Kramer

You are sadly misinformed if you think the scanners haven't saved hundreds maybe thousands of lifes. This is modern technology at it's best. All it takes to throw a dog off is a whiff of hamburger. Your ignorant prejudice is showing.



You are sadly misinformed if you think a trained sniffer dog
is going to pay any attention to hamburger while they are working.

And prejudice? Well, this is The Poodle (and dog) blog, not
The Poodle (and overpriced technology) blog.


Jerard, I have to second what Jan noted above. No trained sniffer dog will be thrown off by a hamburger. They routinely work in areas where there is plenty of food around. They are trained to handle it. Perhaps it is your ignorance showing?

Also, please provide some data to back up your claim that these machines have saved lives. Perhaps they have. If so, I wonder why it hasn't been blasted all over the news. I'm sure the media would love to run such a story.


I'm with the dogs. These are working dogs not pets, they do not behave in the same way. I think they'd be good as prevention too. Have you see tne jaws on some of the larger dogs? (comment more for Jerard that Jan)


I'm for the dogs...and I think the body scanner people could be the test objects for the dogs to practice on!


Anne Gibert

I'm interested in the assertion that the scanners have saved hundreds of lives. I follow the news pretty carefully, and I have not heard of a single bomb found by a scanner.

The last time I went through a scanner (I am a 79 year old grandmother) about every third person had to be patted down after going through. In my case they only found it necessary to pat down my left leg, but they had to go find a woman to do it. Can this be cost effective?

I'm sure dogs would be an improvement. And they don't emit harmful rays.

Hudson & MJ

I'll vote for the dogs any day of the week and just put weed in your pocket or anywhere else on yourself and see how fast they become your best friend and you end up in a special little room. Two months ago we came back from a week vacation in Jamaica and two different sets of people had the dog sniff out pot on them and were sent into a special room I never hope to go. Image machine VS a canine...easy choice !!!


In the past, I have seen dogs from the USDA at Dulles airport in Washington, DC. They check luggage coming in on international flights to find food items that may be bringing in viruses, etc. that could infect crops grown in this country. They are beagles, and wear vests identifying themselves as Agricultural Dept. employees. I saw one dog flag a sandwich with sprouts, lettuce, and tomato, but ignore packaged yeast, plain bread and other foods. I know this because I was standing next to the sandwich lady in the line while the dog investigated her. I had the bread yeast and another baked item in my luggage because German yeast makes wonderful sourdough. These dogs are very highly trained as to what food items (if any) they need to find. I would put my life in their paws over that of technology any time.

Dr. Liz

Well, the dogs MIGHT emit harmful rays, depending on what they're fed! ;-D Seriously, I'm all for having having dogs do the detecting - they have brains; last time I checked, the detectors do not.


I'm sure Jerard has his own agenda to push, but I was under the impression that trained dogs aren't going to hit on hamburger or any other food when they're on duty. What's the point of training these dogs if a simple morsel can throw them off the scent they've been trained to find?

east midlands airport parking

I dont think a hamburger would phase one of these hounds, they know what they are doing.


makes sense to me

Discount Airport Parking

Much goes on behind the scenes to keep you safe...at the x-ray screenings and metal detectors. This is hi-tech stuff. But sometimes being hi-tech isn't always enough. Sometimes a highly trained dog is better than all the security gadgets we can dream up.

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