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Thanks for the example of "famous" people getting their relaxation from their doggies just like we ordinary folk do :-) Really enjoy your blog.

georgia little pea

Why does that old dog young dog combo sound SO familiar?
And how efficient were those secret service men? Hmm.

Lori @ According to Gus

Interesting that you mentioned few people know of Seamus and Tally...I had no idea they had these two dogs.

Gus is instant stress relief for me, but I think if I had all the pressures of being Secretary of State, I'd need something a bit stronger than Gus to take the edge off. :)


Love the story of Seamus and Tally and how they help Hilary Clinton!

Many thanks for your kind comments on us winning the photo competition - much appreciated!

take care
Clive and Murray


I had an old arthritic lab years ago. A friend suggested getting a young dog to keep him company. He said Gus had a lot of life lessons to teach a young dog...and he was so right! Lucky was that young dog, and he had a year or so of learning from Gus, who turned out to be a great teacher.

In return, Lucky, just as Tally does, got Gus going on our walks. This story reminds me a lot of those days. Loved it!


these are the guys they hired to protect clinton when he was president? and couldn't protect the damn dog?..sigh*


Very good leader and example showing how animals are so beneficial to human lives, especially for persons who deal greatly in their responsibilities.

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