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georgia little pea

I totally agree with the *ahem* stubbornness of malamutes when it comes to learning new feats or reading scripts. they ARE however, quite good at wagging tails.

Stumpy and cyndi

What great memories that brings back. I lived for King, Rin Rin Tin and Lassie when I was young. My mom and the kids sitting in the TV room with popcorn. those were the good ol' days.


I so loved that show.

Karen Friesecke

When I was a kid, a local radio station played vintage radio dramas. Sargent King and The Shadow were my faves!


I don't think that that one made it to the UK. I'll have to look it up YouTube


A little before my time. I'm more of a Lassie girl.


I remember my dad saying On King on you huskies all the time but i never knew where it came from.


No khomments from here about Siberians and Malamutes ;-)


Peggy Frezon @Peggy's Pet Place

I've never known a malamute personally, but they sure are beautiful.

Carrie Boyko

No hate mail; I promise. Here's some love mail:

Stop by All Things Dog Blog to view the award you have won: http://www.allthingsdogblog.com/2011/03/stylish-dog-blog-or-dejavu.html Congratulations!


I don't recall this show. I remember saying On King, on you Huskies, so that part was obviously memorable, heh! I am going to try and find the DVD, thank you, Jan!


What happened to the dog?...who owned him? was there more than one? was the dog loved or just used and put down? these obvious questions are never answered about any entertainment animal..


"On King, on you huskies." The alaskan malamute the clydsdale of the north, pound for pound the strongest draft animal on the face of the earth!


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Marilyn Fitts

How long did King live? Can;t find any answer surely soneone knows.

Marilyn Fitts

Where can you get all 78 shows on dvd?

Arlette Bosch

Yes, where can I get all 78 shows as Marilyn asked? I have a few but would love the whole set of Sgt. Preston!

Arlette Bosch

Also, where is more info on King? and Rex? Sgt. Preston had a close tie with both and I cry whenever he interacts with them on the show..his advice....LOVE AND LOYALTY..and that goes BOTH WAYS!

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