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I still think Walt Disney was a sadist fucker..bambi's mom, old yeller...bastid


I knew all but Mandolay burns. If I ever see a movie or read a book with Mandolay in it, i will just stop reading or watching.


And Lassie was a boy dog -



Have you seen the movie spoilers t-shirt? My son has it. It's pretty funny.

Karen Friesecke

OMG! you spoiled the 6th. Sense for me!!!


We do that too! We vet books for each other so if anybody good gets killed off we can take a pass and read something else. Enough bad going on in our real lives without going shopping for it. I agree with the sentiments of commenter number one.,,,jackie....


Did you ever see the Happy Days episode where Ralph Malph gave away the endings to movies the Cunninghams were going to see? I know Psycho was among them.

Dennis the Vizsla

Oh and the chick in "The Crying Game" is in fact a dude.


This post should have a "spoiler alert" warning :) I think I knew most, if not all, of these though!


This really was one of my favorite family games. But as a family member, you also learned the game could bite you back! So if you were reading a book and you didn't want anyone to give away the end, you learned to leave the book in the trunk of the car or at the school library. This is a lesson Alia learned the hard way after the Of Mice and Men episode. We're a hard-line bunch!


Too funny ... I remember the old New Yorker cartoon where dad comes home from work, mom opens the door, and in the backround we see daughter on the couch crying over a book. The caption: "Beth died."

:-) There could be worse traditions.


I'm forbidden to talk to my husband if he hasn't seen the film - I always give away the ending.


You spoiler, you! I will have to steer my children from this site for a few years now.

BYW you didn't mention that Captain Kirk dies when the bridge falls on him.


It was Old Yeller that got me into trouble with my daughter, who could not believe Old Yeller gets shot.

She was furious with me, and remembers how she reacted to this day. This was a really funny post, Jan...it brought back some great memories.


Some absolute classics... and some you should absolutely, positively, have been forbidden *ever* to give away.

Roger Ackroyd and Liberty Valance should be sacred. :)

Simon White

You really need *SPOILER ALERT* somewhere in your article. It's an unwritten rule...

Life With Dogs

Thank you - you just saved me a lot of reading Jan! :)


I don't get it, Billy Budd dies? This doesn't make sense. What??? Captain Kirk died!!! Shit!!!


for some reason the post you did on the kitteh and the miltary dog is not showing up ..and cant' get to it..firefox says link is broken.

Anne Gibert

I always read the end first. I hate unpleasant surprises. A major trauma of my 16th year was reading that they hanged Tess.


I don't know about Billy Budd or Rosebudd, but Sinsi Bud will get you high enough to not care about the ending?

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