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Wow! That is one lucky dog!! Good thing those angels were watching out. We will actually be up at Crater Lake in just a couple weeks. We've lived near for about a year, and haven't made the drive yet! (Takes visitors from out-of-state to get us there) :)


I'm sure you won't forget to set your emergency brake after reading this.


sometimes I think Dogs are guardian angels. great story.

Anne Gibert

I'm glad the dog is safe. I wonder who pays for all that and whether those people have insurance to cover it.

Karen Friesecke

Holy cow! That dog should buy a lottery ticket, that was one seriously miraclous escape!!


That is some experience fur all!



What a story! This sounds like a movie I would see on the Lifetime channel... um, not that I watch the Liftetime channel ;-)


What an amazing escape for that dog!


Wow That dog is such a lucky pup. It's so amazing that she got clear of the falling tumbling car uninjured. Even though she wasn't hurt it still must've been a frightening experience for her.

Dennis the Vizsla

Lucky dog! And I imagine the owners will be getting a rather large cleanup bill.

the 4Bs

i agree with jackie that dogs are guardian angels for us humans.

i'm glad the pup is safe. what a horrible thing to happen.


Why not!!!? If we have guardian angels then so does everything/one else!

Great story!


P.S. I would hate to have to foot that clean up bill.

Sharon J.

Sometimes I think that dogs themselves are guardian angels at times.

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