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That is stupid, you are exactly right. Even coy dogs, which occur less often around here than they used to, as regular coyotes fill the niche, are clearly wild animals. There is no possibility of mistaking one for a dog or the other way around. Poor little doggy.


no cure for lazy and stupid


Why do they let some species breed?


I'm sorry... If you can't tell the difference between a Shiba and a coyote you should not be working with animals. Or people. Or allowed in public without a responsible adult.

I sincerely hope the "expert" was fired. He/she likely cost that dog her life.

the 4Bs

this is ridiculous. it makes me very very angry.

those stupid "experts" should be released back into the wild.


This is beyond stupid. Please tell me this person no longer works at the shelter. And what kind of idiot defends the stupidity - I'm talking about you Mr. Forbes, the representative of the Humane Society. You should apologize for a horrible mistake, not defend it.


I'm sure there was a 'consensus' at the shelter that poor Copper was a coyote, i.e., one twit insisted and the other sheeple went along because they are marginally less aggressive twits. Where is common sense in the world?

Dennis the Vizsla


Lynn Sinclair

This doesn't surprise me -- society has always made judgements based on appearances.

Karen Friesecke

How on earth could a person a reasonable intelligence confuse a DOG with a COYOTE? Oh wait, I think I answered my own question.


This is so sad. I'm hoping for an update with good news will be posted! Idiot people - count me in the camp that thinks that several idiots need to lose their jobs over this.

Pat Adams

Didn't the police officer and the animal control know that all the coyotes are in Washington DC? Please do an update. We are all concerned about Copper.


It's stories like this (and the many times it's been shown that AC doesn't know what a Pit Bull looks like) that makes me doubt the whole '25% of shelter dogs are purebred' claim. It's probably even less, since obviously a lot of shelter staff/AC are completely untrained in breed identification and are just guessing most of the time.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

"Why do they let some species breed?"

I agree to this. Don't let bad breed animals populated in your area


I know in my head Copper is gone for good


Good Lord. That dog looks nothing like a coyote. Certain mixed breeds might look like a coyote, but not that dog! Yikes!

Animal lover

Your article is really great.

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