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Eat the rich!


That's pretty incredible. I don't even like the children to horse play around the dog let alone riot.


Amazing dog!

Got a very sad letter today from a friend in Athens - wouldn't like to be caught up in any of that at all!


For dog lovers: this is a beautiful tribute written and sung by my sister Kathy about her friend Shaman, set to photos. Kathy and Shaman, her first dog, were deeply connected. Many of you know how that feels. http://www.kathymarshallmusic.com/shaman/


I did see that on the news. That is pretty amazing


Adam, (or whoever you are) Please leave a correct email address for any future comments. You seem to have some misconceptions.


he'll be having a great time till some one whacks him with a club or shoots him...


Really Rowdy Rebellious Riot Dog, wonder howe he knows when & where there's going to be a riot. Maybe he has a Twitter account???


I saw this story on Rachel Maddow's show last week. It's quite amazing I think!! :)

Prime Rate

That's what I love about dogs: always want to be where the action is.

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