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It's nice to see that dogs can be protected.


Good dogs!

gus, louie and callie

We love it.. We are so glad that dogs are getting their just rewards..
Dad found a GPS system that allows you to download to your computer the exact route you dog took. Way to cool..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


Long story....several years ago on a trip to so Cal who should be staying at the same Hotel but a sheriff from a neighboring county. He was there with his German Shepherd from Germany to train with the dog in Riverside. We read about the dog the next month and while he didn't have special armor the sheriff car was specially outfitted in some way. This dog was going to be trained to sniff out meth labs....another type of bomb I guess. You have to believe that these dogs are amazing to do bomb sniffing.


I'm not surprised at what dogs can do; I am happy that equipment is coming up to speed to help them.

Dog Clickers

Isn't the "Dogs of War" a pink floyd song too! I love them sheps, so beautiful.



"Soldiers trust dogs more than metal detectors and mine sweepers."...that fact is amazing and wonderful. But somewhere inside, I so dislike the fact that these dogs go to war, being a peacenik myself. (Do words like peacenik still exist?)

It's so awesome what these dogs do, in war or otherwise!

dog arthritis

The best thing is that the dogs will get more help with the equipments.

Dennis the Vizsla

If I were them, I would trust the dogs more than that other high-tech stuff, too.

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