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Can't say much about the girl.. but the dog sure is a cutie. :-)

Tom and Icy

Bet the dog has a diamond collar!


bet that dog wishes she'd just let him use the puppy pads


LOL! Looks like a cute pup. :)

Dennis the Vizsla

I had no idea who that was ... I had to read your tags to identify her!


I had to Google her to find out who she is.


I pick the latter. This reminds me of photos I have seen featuring the late John John Kennedy walking down the streets of Manhattan wearing a Peruvian hat and not wanting to attact attention. Puh-leeze. It's all about attention. Look at me!


Hmmm... very good question indeed! :) I guess looking like a homeless person is the new "cool"!


That's one hot Frump?


Whateverrrr...she looks like a homeless chic with a cool dog. Extensions sometimes just don't work....her hair looks tangled and like it needs to be washed...hisssss


haha yes frump is the new chic!

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