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My furiends Princess Eva and Brice The Handsome Duke of Destrukhtion had their momma share this story with my mom -

Brice took offense to the stamina thing (they are Belgian Tervurens - the furrier variety of the Belgian breeds) -

I smiled and zoomed off!



I'm still leery about people interbreeding dogs for a stronger better, braver etc. dog..figure they'll be doing that to humans soon..


An adorable little pup. I have mixed feelings on this too... Hopefully this little pup does well though!


A puppy is still a puppy....cute and kissable....enzymes, proteins, raw meat, calories...blah, blah, blah.....at least the puppy doesn't look like Michael Phelps. Penny had some husky blood per the vet....black mouth markings and she called her a red and white husky color.....I do know Penny tolerated the frigid North Idaho weather well. Before we adopted her she was outside 24/7/365. She was with me the day it was minus 20 and I was outside hitting the power pedestal with a wrench worrying if my lips would fall off....she just sat with me looking for something to chase.


@Jackie -- Eugenics was already tried in the 19th Century. And it was done before that with slaves. Eugenics was also Hitler's main tenet and was selectively practiced in Germany. It's not something that's not socially acceptable nowadays, for obvious reasons.

I have to admit, I'm skeptical of this claim that Huskies and Malinois were impossible to crossbreed before this one person accomplished it.

gus, louie and callie

Oh it is so cute.. He/she will make a great policepup..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie


I didn't know about the crossbreeding difficulty with Huskies and Malinois,but this is how dogs have been selectively bred for centuries.
I'm curious what breed of Dame the breeder will select?
I do know it will take several generations of cross/inbreeding before the dog breeds true to type.
Personally,I think the goal is a sensible one.


I can't believe the press actually published a PR release of someone breeding a litter of mutts as a story. And if this guy couldn't successfully cross healthy huskies with healthy malinois and get live puppies - I have to wonder what he's been doing.

I see this cross as only slightly more useful than the puggle.

I know a lot of people in the protection sports world and the police / military world who have malinois. Trust me, those dogs have no problems with power, speed or stamina.


Ugh, can't people come up with better names for these "breeds"? I'm so sick of Labradoodles, chugs, etc.

I'm curious why this type of breeding has been unsuccessful in the past. Why did the puppies all die in other litters?


I have to seriously question the experience this so called "breeder" has with training either of these breeds.

To say that a Malinois over heats and tires quickly is simply not true. Mals are medium coated, working machines and reason they are usually not a good choice as a family pet is that they are sharp, high drive and high energy dogs with huge amounts of stamina. It is hard to give them enough work to do.

The Siberian Husky is an independent dog that is not known for taking direction from its handler. Example.... when was the last time you saw someone working a Sib at the higher levels of Obedience, Agility or Tracking. They are pack dogs that are bred to run and see what is over the next hill. Not exactly the type of temperament you want when you are trying to track the bad guy or sniff out a bomb at the airport.

Finally, if I was trying to breed for a working dog that "wouldn't overheat" (whatever that silly statement is) I would not cross breed with a heavily coated dog like a Sib.


I couldn't agree more with the comments made above mine in regards to this post.I always love reading your blog!!! I personally have the cutest mix breed foster dog who is the best watch dog I have had in my home. Last night at 3 in the morning he woke us up by barking. When we looked outside we saw a cop car driving up our quiet little street so I took him outside to do his thing since we were already awake and the cop drove down and asked if I heard anything because they received a call saying that a group of teenagers were trying to break into cars. One more reason I love to foster dogs!!!! They show you such appreciation and love when they are in your care and so appreciative and protective of your warm, loving home.


Funny article. I assume it wasn't serious. As the comments above mention, there's more than a few odd "facts" in that PR piece.

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Many established breeds started out by being a cross between unlikely dogs. This may become an established breed in the future. In the meantime, German Shepherds make great police dogs.


I'm curious to see how that puppy will turn out. Very interesting. No, Jan you are right.


They are load up pets that are meticulously to run and see what is over the next mountain. Not exactly the kind of disposition you want when you are trying to monitor the bad guy or smell out a explosive device at manchester international terminal.

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