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I like it better when the eventually age the characters a little bit..i think dagwood and blondes kids should go to college and they have another kid..hahahaahahhaha

Denny Harmon

This is a great story! I always wondered...now I know. Stories such as this is why I read this blog every day! Keep up the good work Jan!

Tom and Icy

Yes, you did a great job writing this. It brought back a lot of memories. I even remember the TV show.


How interesting! I didn't know the story behind the comic, or that Daisy ever had puppies. Great post!


What a smile you gave me this morning. I have read Blondie all my life, but never knew the history of the strip. Thank you very much from a sincere lover of the "funnies".

Dennis the Vizsla

If only dogs could really live so long ...

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

I haven't seen a Dagwood comic for years - thanks for the trip down memory lane! I didn't know the history of Dagwood or Blondie either! I do remember the sandwiches though and how some restaurants used to put Dagwoods on the menu!


i used to read blondie all of the time...not so much anymore...I mainly remember the sandwiches....Steve makes a good copy. How cool that you have all of this Blondie/Dagwood info.


Flappers are hot. You don't see that look very often anymore. :-(


Woo are just the water font of infurmation!

PeeEssWoo: Mom wants a Dagwood sandwich now - I do too in hopes she'll share!


There ain't but one Daisey I like better and that would be Daisey Dukes!!!!!!


I used to read Blondie on occasion but it's not carried by our local paper anymore. Besides, I always was a Marmaduke fan. And that dog whose cartoon is in the weekly Parade (can't think of his name).

The SF 49ers and my Wolverines aren't helping my cause any. I need another breakout game from Frank Gore to help my fantasy team.


I always loved reading this comic strip so to get the scope behind it was fabulous.....

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