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Amazing stories that could have been tragic.


Wow, really amazing! Thanks for sharing this.


I wonder if MV's dogs would be sooooo helpful...

Tank woo fur sharing these!



Very inspiring. I, too, wonder if my pups would do the same under such severe conditions.

Off topic: I put up a dog video over the weekend that I think you might find humorous.


I don't have to worry about wondering if my dogs would save me.....they wouldn't. The only one that ever protected me was Penelope. Charlie ran as fast as he could when he and I encountered a momma moose and her calf while walking on the long trail. These are pretty amazing stories however...of humans and dogs!

Lynn Sinclair

Terrific stories!


Ouch! My little gals would be more like appetizers in the cougar situation? Mr. Orr needs to keep his rifle strapped to the four wheeler from now on!!!!


Great stories - lovely to read happy news!


Great stories Jan! Thanks for doing all the "leg" work.


i need a dog..my cat annie would be bartering with the cougars for my hide..


There should be some kind of National medal to honor wonderful dogs like Jack. Kudos!

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Maybe she flunked out of school, but she has that doggiepersonality that most people love!
I would stay at a hotel that offered this service

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