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Oh no!

One of those WILD Siberian Husky looking khanines!

Better lokhk up the kids!

PeeEssWoo: and order in extra khats!


Once again you can't judge a book by it's cover. Let the poor baby go home to her family in peace.


This is the sort of thing you might expect from an untrained bureaucrat, but not from the police department professional. i hope she gets some support from local dog owners.

Wild Dingo

Moron sgt! Hope Scrappy gets the fair deal. Or breaks her out of prision.


Sounds like Police Sgt. Scott Raudabaugh likes to huff and puff and blow smoke up our ass????? Where the hell is Red Riding hood when you need her????


This is both heart-breaking and infuriating at the same time. This poor woman has had this dog for 8 yrs and suddenly the city wont give him back because he "looks" like a wolf? That's such a crock if you ask me. Doesnt the city have bigger problems to worry about? Let the poor woman have her dog back. Someone should start a petition for this. This is ridiculous.



When she was a puppy, we were always told that Masha (Siberian Husky) looked like a little wolf. We even had a couple of neighbors who were so convinced that they'd cross to the other side of the street if they saw us out walking her. Funny thing is, she's the only one of our four dogs who we're actually certain is a pure breed.

My question is, if they can do DNA testing to determine what breeds a mutt has in him/her, why can't they determine for certain that this dog has some breed, any breed in her and send her home?

(And also, has that Sgt ever seen a real wolf?)


From what I read DNA testing on mutts isn't all that accurate. I've read a lot of conflicting information on it.

Probably the sgt. had read "Little Red Riding Hood." Maybe it scared him. :-)


holy shit..people are .............................dumb


I think that Police Sgt. Scott Raudabaugh looks like a psychopathic killer. This, of course, makes him far too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. So, unless he can provide evidence that he is not a pshychopathic killer - he must be put behind bars for the rest of his life.

Since when did we slip into considering dogs "guilty until proven innocent"? Oops, my bad. I guess ever since the first BSL was enacted, that's exactly where we have been.

How utterly asinine.


Seems to me like the city is crying wolf. Is this a dog in wolf’s clothing? If Crystal Smith would sue the city for one million dollars because of police harassment the city would immediately return Scrappy to her owner. The city would have to prove that Scrappy is definitely a wolf and since they can’t do that they would stand to lose a lot of taxpayer’s dollars.

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I think they are in deep shit,...leave the dog alone or wolf lol!


Profiling pure and simple....I bet if the dog had a chip it would have made the screening device go off in the detention center.....she looks like a wolf therefor she must be a wolf.


this woman has had the baby for over 8yrs,that man needs a reailty check and so does the judgemit's money grabbing grabbing.every one pray and hope this lady can afford to keep her baby

mary conley

actually a DNA test would not only confirm if it's a dog but EXACTLY what breed make up it's mix.


Ugh...The poor dog didn't even do anything wrong.

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that man needs a reality check

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would not only confirm if it's a dog but EXACTLY what breed make up it's mix.

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