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Do woo realize Misty keeps hijakhking your blog and posting Poodle stories?



I agree. Compassion dog works better for a poodle than a job as a police dog.


a poodle police dog? I'm laughing just thinking about it. Would it have to have a rhinestone collar?


A poodle police dog would be cool. While bad guys were laughting, the cops would slap on the cuffs. lol

Ann Cosby

I train poodle puppies to be guide dogs. They could learn to be police dogs or anything people wanted them to be.


Nasty Poodle = Pitbull in disguise!!!! Trust me!!!


There is no reason that a poodle can't be a police dog. They are smart and learn easily and don't have to be groomed that often.


I've always thought it would be hard to take all those curls seriously, however the person I got my delightful standard poodle from trains them for police work. Mine wouldn't do...he's too...bashful, but maybe that's why he owns me :)


Our LuLu and GiGi are the toughest poodles around :) A poodle is a great dog to wake up a real guard dog.It is hard to sneak up to my door without the Poodle alarms going off.I think the term companion dog fits perfect. My poodle LuLu Loves going to work. She greets all the customers.

m engelbrecht

wake up sam you you dont know poodles or dogs for that matter poodles are more intelleligent than a lot of people!!!!


Poodles are the second most intelligent dog breed and are very easily trained; also I own a littermate of the Poodle, Reggie, in the above mentioned article and she has the qualities that I believe would make for a wonderful police dog.

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