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That also explains my dogs stopping every 10 feet to squat. Great story.

Tom and Icy

Usually Icy goes as far from the house in the yard as she can, but when it is cold out, she just goes at the edge of the porch.


I thought they just wanted to put it where I could step in it easily. lol

 Three Dog Blogger

It's the latter i'm sure.

"Now, where is he most likely to walk tomorrow? I'll go there then"

Or something along those lines!


In her previous life Penelope did her business deep in the forest; Violet as soon as she gets out the door so the business is a lawn/leaf/snow ornament. Now Penelope can barely make it out the door but in winter she uses her paw to "dig" a hole in the snow and them positions herself totally off mark and goes a foot away.


A fire hydrant is like a dog's blog--One dog makes a post, the other dog's come along and leave comments. We have a fire hydrant just down the street and it's the first place Bailey wants to go in the morning--she's got to check up on who's been posting!


This is the best information! My dog does that thing where he lifts his leg so high he loses his balance. He's a little guy, just 12 pounds. Now I get it! Thank you for solving Unsolved Doggy Mystery #3,746.


my friend david o.'s little chiwawa dog pedro pees on one paw..the other 3 are in the air when he pees, and im telling you it's hysterical to watch.


Heh, heh...gotta tell a story about my dog Lucky. He could never figure out he should lift his leg to go pee, when he was young. We watched him learn...he actually lifted his leg against a telephone pole...and then pooped! He was a very confused dog. We saw him watching Nate, but he still couldn't get it...he would lift the wrong leg, and of course he didn't like the results of that!

Eventually, he learned and we all breathed a sigh of relief!


Sometimes small dogs will empty their bladders before the need to communicate runs out.


Dog behavior is just as comical as that of cats. Different yes, but both are humorous to watch.


Many of woo have gotten to experience my peemail, turn, kikhk!


Dog Guy

There is a sad irony about the "poop dance", as I call it! My "kids" take so long finding the right spot and all I do is swoop in and pick it up. All that work for nothing!


I have been trying to teach my puppies to do their business outside the house, but they always do it inside the house.


Go, Timmy!



You just casually tossed that in there, wondering if anyone would comment. You did. I know you did.

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

Love the photo! Quite the acrobat!


If you have ever seen the picture of the dogs waiting to " use the Tree" then you have an idea what potty time at my house is like. With 6 dogs, 5 male, it is hilarious to watch them all mark the one big rock in the yard...by the time the last one has gone they feel the need to start over.


Excellent post and the comments were just as entertaining! My gals keep me quite busy with poo patrol!

Steve Bartlett

I've found that Lisa (the female Eskipoo) takes FOREVER to decide where to go (unless it's really cold out, then it just seems like forever). Buddy (the male black Lab) is pretty much ready to go as soon as he hits grass. I hate to say this because I'll be inundated with hate mail, but it seems to be a "girl thing". Same reason there's always a lineup at the ladies' room in a pub. Guys are in and out in 2 minutes tops. Girls have committee meetings in there :)


My dog is the opposite...he seems to go where it will be hidden...as if he needs privacy!

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