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I love your deskhription of what a Rottle would be like!



Teeka is adorable.


Loved reading about the Choodle but wouldn't like to think about a poodle/rottweiler cross. We recently tried a Bernard Mountain Dog/Labador cross in Guide Dogs and although they are gorgerous dogs - they didn't take to the training half as well as the usual Lab/Retriever crosses and certainly weren't as successful as our Goldendoodle and Labadoodle crosses.

Mary Jo and Hudson

I couldn't agree with you more on not buying from these breeders who are puppy mills and not being responsible. There are way too many dogs everyday being killed in shelters. Only 17% of dogs are purchased through shelters which is such a shame as so many potentially wonderful pets can be found there. Loved this blog!!!


What a sweetie! I have given you an award. Come by and check it out :)


I would like to have a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix!


please excuse my 'bluntness'...but that dog looks like it was pulled feet first out of a sheeps ass...


One of my dogs is a mix breed, and a friend of mine has the exact same mix, and the dogs look nothing alike. It's a japanese Chin/Lhasa Apso mix. Mine looks more like the lhasa, my friend's looks more like a chin. You can't even tell they are the same breed.


"...my two mixed breed sweethearts of questionable parentage."

Hey. That's no way to talk about Dan and me.


I too am a great fan of mixed breed dogs. It is the people who try to sell them as a new exclusive breed for oodles of mula that gets me riled.


I happen to have 2 Standard Poodle/Rottweiler mix dogs, one girl, one boy. Both are not only adorable, but very loving, easy to train dogs. They are fantastic with children and wonderful members of our family!


HG: Thinking about getting Standard Poodle/Rottweiler mix. I would love to see pictures of what they look like and anything you can tell me about them. thanks.

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