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Tom and Icy

That was fun.


that was very clever...and annie enjoyed it also...



Woo were khwite the wild one, eh?


Mary Jo and Hudson

Very witty post and I must add my friends and I were quite boring and uncreative while growing up in our neighborhood. We just played spin the bottle with the boys who lived around us.

Lynn Sinclair

Unfortunately, I misspent my youth doing other things ... this looks like far more fun.


Witty ditty indeed.

Your post reminded me of how I used to write Haiku in chalk at Riverside Park in New York many moons ago. Literate senior citizens would walk by and tell me that I was a smart child.


I must have misspent my youth...I'd never heard of these. We weren't very witty or poetic, being more intent on what everybody else was doing on any given Saturday night.


How on earth did I miss this???? Oh how I do love my kitties and doggies. I am not a poet, but thank you Jan for including me here.

There once was a woman named Jan
As a friend she really is grand
bladee, blah dee blah, blah!
deeblah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
blah, blah and blah deeblah!!

told you...no poet.


This started off like a dirty limerick. Maybe I'm glad you're not a poet. hehe


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But your taking a lot of "liscensce" with the strikt rules, spoils the gaim. R. Frost said "free verse is like playing tennis with the net down." No verve, no value. Second line has to be the naim of the person fitttted in. And sixth line has to be that one word! Oooooooh.....

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