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Saint Lover

What a sweet dog.


sniff, snork.


I have adopted two three-legged dogs and neiter had any idea that they were handicapped. They were the same as any other dogs I've been around. Dogs adapt to any situation.


This is a very inspiring post. We can learn so much from our dogs.


i have seen that do with no front legs and watching it running all over the place and thought...that's incredible..but then i saw the dog with 2 legs but they were the 2 left legs..he had no legs on the right side...and he/she cant remember..still ran all over the place..blew me away..


That's a great story!


of course. because poodles are the greatest dogs on the planet of earth.

i've seen 3 legged dogs at our dog park and it's difficult to tell them apart from the 4 legged ones. the quality of life is definitely there!


We have so much to learn from our beloved pets... enjoy life without complaining is one of those things...

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