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Amber Sunshine

Yeah, I'd like to know how to get paid for that job too....that's my dream job...


Animal behaviorists do have interesting careers. I'll bet it takes a lot of study to get certified.

Levi's mom


finally...a job sarah palin is qualified for


Good question, I would like a job like that. lol


I'm sure the U.S. Government has a grant (read - taxpayer's money) ready to give away for any silly thing you desire to research, just check:



I'll take that job. I guess now that I think about it, I notice dogs will roll on their backs when they are trying to initiate play. Maybe they think if they pretend to be more submissive and less threatening, a more submissive dog will be more likely to play.


in Benson's litter, i was told that he was the only male and his sisters beat him up all the time.


This is a hoot....and so are some of the comments! I think it would be great fun to be able to be an animal behaviorist...but I would have no idea how to go and get a job-or an education- to do that...you always have very interesting stuff here!

Jennie/Kahshe Cottager

Sounds like the kind of job I could handle!

saint lover

Sign me up for that job too! Playing dynamics are amazing. My dogs will do this.. switch rolls to keep the play going.


Biggie lets any female dog have the water bowl before him. He will also let any female and most smaller dogs jump all over him, to the point where he will lie down and let them run all over his body. It's pretty funny.

As an ex-animal-behaviorist, I can tell you it's a dream job but it doesn't pay. Sure, there are grants out there you can apply for, but they are, on the whole, quite small and extremely competitive. (Hence the "ex" in "ex-animal-behaviorist")


I want that job. I want it now!


Dream job, to be sure.


I have have had dogs my whole life. I have never had any problem with any pet I hand raised. I have encountered behavoir problems in animals I adopted from the shelter on death role that couldn't find suitable homes. Sadly one was so badly neglected he feared men and snapped when any male went near him. The other poor doggy just walked in circles all day because he had been in a cage for four years. The terrior killed cats which the vet said was instinct. Any dog treated properly will make a Godly pet. I think angels speak through animals and every domestic dog is a gift from heaven. An abused animal like a person never forgets. They forgive but don't forget and they bare the scars. So often I read posts made by selfish dumb people who don't consider and animal to be human. They see them as toys or creatures that don't deserve respect or love. It sickens me to see so many adopt who do not see the depth of an animals soul or the deep bond they share with humans and know the devotion and sensitivity they feel. They are heartless and clueless. It's easy to raise a dog if you have a heart and a brain. It's simple to teach them right from wrong and behavoir techniques. It's easy to change your lifestyle to suit your pet and still manage to keep a clean environment. It freaks me out when people discard a pet or complain or kill one because they are the clueless parents who see animals as junk and don't have the time to invest in them. Every animal takes time, attention, love, nourishment, vet care, understanding, patience, devotion, money, consideration. If you don't have the heart or brain don't buy one. Don't even consider owning a dog until you quizz yourself and determine whether you are ready to make a commitment for the remainder of the dogs life and are willing to sacrifice if necessary and endure sleepless night or whatever it takes to give your animal the love and devotion angels deserve. If not, do yourself and the animal world good and don't adopt. Animals are too priceless and special to be abused. They are just as beautiful as people in spirit.

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