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Where to Dalmatians and Weimaraners fit on the list? I owned both, and neither was particularly destructive but they were very high energy. I have also owned several German Shepherds and most of them are not destructive at all, but I do have one that is completely insane (he must be kept in a crate when I am not around).


Never underestimate a small dog like chihuahua, eh? I was surprised to see dachshund in the list. I used to have a dachshund and he was very well behaved though.


I think it depends on the type of person who owns a Chihuahua. A great dane can do a lot of damage in ten minutes, but a lot of Chihuahua owners just have a dog for an accessory or as their first dog and don't really know a lot about training. A lot of Chihuahua owners don't discipline their dogs, and the damages add up over time.


my friend left his 1 yr old standard poodle in his Infinity when he went to lunch. when he returned an hour later, the inside was totally destroyed. the repair bill was $6970 !


I have a feeling that many of these claims that blame the dog are really from owners seeking to make money off the insurance company.


I was surprised to see Dachshunds on the destructive list,although they are pretty agressive.
My brother had a Chow-Chow that was a holy terror!..I don't blame the breed,but I have to admit that I couldn't stand that dog.
In it's defense,my brother never gave it even the most basic obedience training.


I used to have a Chihuahua, and he did tons of damage. They are small and mighty, but also very high strung and curious. He used to get into things all the time.


Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am currently raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other people's pet experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities.

Gus Louie and Callie

I think that Louie and Callie should be in the top 5 list. They can sure tear some things up!!!

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Gus Louie and Callie

Mom just had to share this with you.. She always reads cnn.com in the am when she gets to work and she found this..



i think pitty bull dogs should be up there..nate ate the sheet rock off the bathroom wall, he and his mate mimi ate holes in my chain length fence, nate ate the white wall off a tire, he chewed on the post holding my porch up till they looked like sharpened pencils. honey a pitty bull dog ate a battery, a razor, a tube of lipstick and a tube of super glue, glueing her mouth shut..
nate would go thru the bedroom window about 3-4 times a year breaking it and ripping out screen and frame..
my daddy's chihuahua bit the end of my sons nose...ha


I've always thought my dog must have some great dane in her. She used to be a pretty destructive dog when she was younger. I'm not that surprised about the chihuahua.


There is a Great Dane living next door....10 acres away. She is a barkaholic, bit the crap outta Penny when she "accidentally" got loose and makes the most ginormous poops I have ever seen. Poodlicious Violet on the other hand is perfect....but messy. She can't seem to remember to pick up her toys.


I knew I loved pugs for a reason......well....except for all the hair shedding!!!!!


Mom, I don't remember our family Chihuahua as a force of destruction. Did she prefer chew snacks?

Also: if Pomeranians aren't high up on this list, then I question the validity.


I would hold the owners more to blame than the dogs. Spend time with them, play with them, and discipline just as you would a child.


Thank you so much for this blog!! You've just solved a family dispute.

I want a Pug for our next dog, but my husband wants a Boxer. I see that the Boxer is in the top 10 MOST destructive, while the Pug is in the LEAST. Hmmmm, now what's a good name for a Pug!!

Saint Lover

Saints are lazy as heck inside. The drool and hair is easily cleaned up and thats about the only thing they do. B an R haven't destroyed one thing since I have had them. They leave drool and paw prints but those wipe off. My labs... well that is another story for another time.... lol


I would have never guessed those two breeds were the most destructive. Interesting blog entry...all of yours are though.


"I’m trying to picture a Chihuahua eating a mattress or a door frame." Clearly you've never been subjected to the whims of an angry Chihuahua! The groomer I used to work with says they're bar none the most dangerous dogs to groom because she has seen more chihuahua-related injuries than any other breed. I'll take a pit bull or rottie over a chihuahua any day!


Fascinating. I never would've guessed those 2 breeds. I see that my beloved German Shepherds fell somewhere in the middle. Who knew?


How do labs NOT make it on this list?? My lab ate 3 couches and 2 mattresses in the first 2 years I owned him-and that's not even getting into all the underwear he ate!


You can tell they didn't poll my border collies. lol


Mastiffs definitely belong up there near the top -- not because they're malicious (and certainly not because their owners don't socialize them or spend time with them), but because their sheer size makes them capable of doing huge amounts of damage in a small amount of time.

Our Murfee girl knocked the glass out of our sliding door, pulled the stoop off our house, cracked a tile floor with her 'busy bone', ate barbies and action figures by the score, destroyed the back seat of my Jag... the list is endless.

We loved her to pieces, no matter how much she ate.


we had a husky mix pup destroy a $5000 stereo system in under thirty seconds when I ran to answer the phone instead of watching him. Our great dane hasn't destroyed anything in the house but I see the potential- he has dug gigantic craters in the yard and once uprooted a decent-sized tree and carried it proudly around.


I think I'm out of my comfort zone here as a cat owner and lover, but I have to agree with the list. It doesn't account for some personality conflicts, however. Border collies can be challenging to raise with children because of their need to herd small creatures. What I really want is a German Shepherd as they are easier than most dogs to raise and pacify, however I'm concerned that they can be overprotective of their owners, and are extremely powerful dogs. I suppose what I really want is a dog that is lovable and affectionate while maintaining the sardonic cat-like intelligence I'm so used to. Who knows? Maybe it's how you raise them. I taught my one kitten to play fetch. My girlfriend's labs are very destructive, though. I think it's put me off of that breed.

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