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she would have left some to 'people'...but no one liked her..and she didn' like anyone ...


Leona lived here in Arizona before she died and stories of her stinginess and arrogance flowed. Evidently she had no life-changing moments in prison, but she loved her dogs. It's hard to feel total contempt for someone who understands the unconditional love of dogs. I think out of eight billion dollars there should be some left for the dogs, or at least, I hope so.


So is this inheritance for any dog? Could my dog apply for some? He needs a new kennel.


Why do these people insist on putting their own spin on what this woman wanted? She's left her statement right there...seems simple to me.

I hope some of the canine related programmes see some of it. And I might apply on behalf of my dogs, too...I just paid for a new fence!


Give the dog a loan!!!!!hehe
I think the dogs should get it all!!!!Especially the sheltered ones!

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