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Poodles are amazingly smart dogs. I have never seen a poodle guide dog in action, but I have heard they are amazing.


Poodles are highly intelligent,but I think they suffer a bad rap because of their name..
Maybe if we called them,'Rockies',they'd be more readily accepted as working beasts.
I love this blog! :)

K9 Amiga

maybe they need more authoritative uniforms, or hairstyles : )


Very cool, go poodles!


Yeah for the Poodles!! They are truly gentle, watchfull, intelligent dogs. I am constantly amazed by my little Smokey, he is learning new tricks all the time.


Just like with pit bulls, people have breed specific prejudgments with poodles. Luckily, poodles are thought of as wimps, otherwise there would be attempts to ban them, as well.


It's worth continuing the poodle guide dog experiment. Eventually enough people will realize that they can do the job. I'm loving the idea that they don't shed!!!!


I totally believe that poodles can be good guide dogs. It's unfortunate that they are so misunderstood. Poodles can excel at many things, such as hunting, that many people do not have any knowledge of. I like to think that they are a well kept secret! they're mine - all mine!

Fuzzy Logic

I thought (and I could be wrong) that the labradoodle came from someone wanting a "hypoallergenic" labrador for a seeing eye dog...

my first thought was "Why not just train a poodle?"
Glad someone is FINALLY doing it!


slowly but surely you are changing my feelings about poodles...you almost had me ...but then the neighbors black poodle yapped and yipped for 2 hours straight last night and blew you out of the water..
send me your address, you were randomly picked to get a west, texas play it forward gift...

on Call 24/7

Poodles are amazing animals, like so many different breeds they have natural abilities. Why not have Poodles for guides dogs after all they were hunting dogs way back when. Needing to alert to the prey. So people can enhance this behaviour for alerting to various different changes in levels. I have a friend she has a Poodle for Pilot dogs! Excellent team.

As for petting I have found that it doesn't matter what breed of dog many people with either pet and or talk to them. Henceforth distracting them from their job. I have a Smooth Collie/Lab Mix as a guide/service dog.


Poodles also look really cute with scarves, give great kisses and can snuggle in a neck perfectly. They have my guide dog vote!!!


I am amazed that they aren't more commonly used, now that I think about it. Poodles are incredibly intelligent dogs. I think it would be just a matter of getting people used to the idea. Great to have you back, by the way.


I have little doubt when it comes to the intelligence of the Poodle. I have only owned one.. and she was quite the amazing girl... as smart as they come. I think they would most likely make outstanding service dogs. Now if only we could better train the general public.


Poodles are so smart, it makes sense that they'd make good guide dogs. My wife and I joined our parents once in taking a hike up north on some state land here in Michigan. My father and I eventually went one way looking for mushrooms while my wife and my mother took off farther into the woods. Before long, they were lost. They hollered for help, but we did not hear them. Then my mother asked Missy, her poodle, to "try to find dad." Missy took up the challenge and helped to lead them back to where we were. Good thing too, because it was starting to get dark.


Interesting post. Gotta love da poodles!
It is good to see you back, and hope you are doing well.


I have a friend who drives a city bus and he has quite a few folks bring their dogs on. As long as the owners claim their dogs are service animals, they are allowed to ride (and since there's no way to prove they aren't, he gets quite a few who probably aren't heh).


Hi, I am a guide dog raiser in Seattle, WA. The puppy I am currently raising is named Shep. I love your blog and I love reading about other people's pet experiences. I also have a website where I sell pet supplies and i have a blog on it also about guide dogs. I built the site to try and help raise money for guide dogs and other animal charities. In one of our guide dog froup meetings, we were walking around the airport and saw two poodles that were in training to become service dogs. They are very smart and are great companions


I was in a store in Eugene Oregon and met a blind woman who had a white standard poodle as her guide dog. I commented that it was unusual to see this breed working in this capacity, and her comment was "I could have any dog I wanted, and this is what I chose".


I have had a guide dog of my own and while I was training with a Labrador, I roomed with a woman who was getting a poodle guide dog. The poodle guide dogs there were the best behaved. The Labrador I got from that particular guide school was very poorly trained so I am now training my own poodle guide dog and her progress after a week is more than I could make in 4 months with the fully trained Labrador guide.


Hi my name is Kelli and I have a poodle guide dog. He is amazing. He is so alert and never misses a beat. I have so much more independence since Fiddler came into my life. Helen Keller said it best "Its better to walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light". Fiddler and I have had some retailers that thought he couldnt be a guide dog but once I mention the ADA and the police they let us in lol. Most people are very excepting and in fact some retailers know his name and announce to the world Fiddler is in the building. I am amazed how fast he picks up on finding things for me he wasnt trained to find like water fountains and he amazes me with his ability to find a bathroom in a building with lots of doors. He just is so in tune with me and anticipates where I need to go. I wish there was a way I could share his photo with you but I couldnt figure it out. Pilot Dogs of Columbus Ohio have been training poodles for about 10 years now. I spent 28 days there training with Fiddler, he was worth the 13 below temperatures lol.


So glad Kelley mensioned Pilot Dogs. I've heard not such good things about them, but I really want a poodle. I have a mild allergy, & hubby does too, but I really would love a guide dog. I was hoping to learn which schools offer poodles. So glad to have read this article. Another poster spoke of her poodle, didn't mension her school.

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