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guess rex hasn't heard the song..'tie me kangaroo down mate, tie me kangaroo down.'..


Animals show no prejudice. The dog sensed a live animal and found a way to save it. Great story.

Lynn Sinclair

Wonderful story of a tender-hearted dog.


This story is everywhere today! Warms my heart.


I love this stuff!


That's a great story. It demonstrates how animals have a keener sense than humans do and that they are tender and gentle with the young also.


Oh, what a sweet dog. Rex reminds me of my Dax, who loved to chase squirrels. One day, we saw her sniffing at the ground, making crying noises, and we went over to look. It was a baby squirrel who had fallen out of a nest. She had ample opportunity to hurt the baby, but she didn't. Dax was such a good girl *sniff*.


That is the cutest thing!


What a beautiful story! Animals can surprise us with their wonderful, open and very given natures...even across species lines. More people should learn from them

ergo baby carrier

Animals are the most humble of the living thing as they are certainly not prejudiced.

Adam loves shitzu puppies

This story is really amazing! It was fortunate that I’ve read about it here on thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com. You have a really humble and good-hearted dog there. It’s just wonderful that he sensed the presence of the kangaroo and gently saved him. I could imagine how he licked the kangaroo while it’s jumping up to him. It’s just so sweet! It shows that the joey is really grateful with Rex, I am too! I’m so proud of him. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. This is really a heart-warming story. I would love to share Rex’s noble act with others too.

Cathy Forcier

Rex is a wonderful dog to save the baby kangaroo with out hurting him. It just goes to show how dogs can sense things humans can't. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with everyone.

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