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What an incredibly cute little dog. It just makes me cry that she could have been brutalized or killed when she has so much joy to give.

Bill Slavik

The people who wanted them killed should feel pretty crappy now to see how much they are loved. They would if they had a conscience that is.

Lynn Sinclair

It breaks my heart to think dog fights are still an ongoing problem. Can we hope that Vick's conviction will deter others?


That Grace is an adorable dog - really cute markings.

It's heartwarming that these dogs are being cared for now. I hope that we have learned a lesson from this. Michael Vick is a macho jerk and I don't know how he could be so cruel to an innocent animal. IMO, he is getting off easy.


I hope they can find good homes and aren't too scarred by their early beginnings.


Thanks so much for posting a blog entry about the Vick dogs. I recently read that the most common eventuality for any stolen dog is either a life as a fighting dog or a 'bait' dog used to train the fighters. It's a growing problem--particularly in places like Houston and L.A. Hopefully, as you say, that the notoriety of the Vick case will call more attention to this very grave problem. And wonderful videos like this one will certainly make people rethink their stereotypes about fighting breeds. Well done!

Simply Jenn

I do love happy endings, especially since these types of happy endings are few and far between.

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

I love happy endings and this certainly brightened my day.

Gus and Louie

Thanks for the great story about Micheal Vick. We are so glad that although something bad had to happen a very happy ending came of it..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie


They just want to be loved,and offer unconditional love in return.
Great post jan!


yeah, peta can kiss my ass...all those dogooders and they automatically want to put the pits down..
thanks for an update on all of them..and loved the video...i wonder if those people know that she will bite that ball until it pops and then eat it until it's gone..?..ha

jayne d'Arcy

I am so happy to hear that these dogs are finding happy lives. I hope that this brutal "sport" can someday be completely abolished.


Such a beautiful dog...and yes, happy endings are just the best!


Thanks for this update Jan. I am so happy to know these dogs are getting a second chance.


Great post. Here's for more mind change in the dog rescue world, and GO GRACE!


Oh I just love puppy endings!! So relieved to hear that these beautiful pit bulls are in good hands... such a happy thought!


I love that they named her "Grace"! She's a sweetheart! She reminds me of "Petey" on the Little Rascals!


That's a great ending. A relative of mine has a pitbull mix that they got from a shelter and the dog is so sweet and well-behaved.


It is good to realize that some good came from this horrific story. I am so happy to hear that many of the dogs now have forever homes.


It pisses me off that, after all of this, PETA and HSUS are still walking around whining about how THEY were right, that the dogs should have been 'put down'. They haven't learned one single thing from all of this, except maybe that they need to get in there and start trying to influence judges first, before real rescues groups do.

I do love that PETA volunteers showed up to rally 'for the Vick dogs', and got a lesson from Tim Racer on what their own organization had planned for the dogs. How can anyone belong to an organization that they don't even understand?

Saint Lover

I am so happy they were spared and the Humane Society and PETA didn't get their way.

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