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jayne d'Arcy

Well said! Always a great quote, too.


Nice an succinct and clear. I like it.



Thomas Jefferson (13 April 1743 – 4 July 1826) was the third President of the United States (1801–1809), the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), and one of the most influential Founding Fathers for his promotion of the ideals of "Republicanism" in the United States.

So, despite the fact that neither party is without its faults, this one Republican ideal is largely why I lean more towards voting and supporting a Republican versus a Democrat agenda.

Your idea of implementing a theoretical "Hippocratic Oath" day on Congress not to mention Capital Hill all together is brilliant!!!


hehehe.. I think we are both thinking in the same general direction. Only my first thought was to grant everyone a day off. Obviously my watch would not last for very long. :-)

Mr President

That's one of my favourite quotes. And very true.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

I would tell the people in Naples, Florida, that 8-year olds do not need to have a business license to sell lemonade. That is just foolish and a waste of tax $$$$ that they do that.

Duke of Earle


Here in Texas the state legislature is in regular session only once every two years (for a period of several months). Most Texans prefer things that way, since it greatly limits the amount of mischief or harm the lawmakers can do (echoing T.J.'s qoute).



This reminds me of the story you wrote about where a woman registered her dog to vote. If I were Pres for a day, I think I'd let my dog decide what's best...can't be any worse then it is now, right?


In my book, you can't go wrong quoting Thomas Jefferson.

If it were in my power, I'd cement the 2nd Amendment. The right to arm bears, I mean, the right to bear arms is fundamental, and unlike the 1st Amendment's interpretation that is always growing wider, the 2nd's is constantly being eroded. I worry about that.


I'd make everyone in a red state wear blue, and in a blue state wear red....and I'd make GWB sleep in Baghdad for a week.


oh this is so funny because I work for a law firm and we joke about this all the time stopping law all over the us just for one day....lol


I would institute "No Fear" day..
For 1 day,..no seeing terrorists under the bed.
No heightened security alerts.
No waterboarding prisoners.
No incarcerating airline passengers for complaining about lost luggage.
And definitely no suspension of our civil liberties under the guise of protecting us from "Them"..


I would nuke Teheran, Moscow, Pyongyang, and Beijing. Then I would board Air Force One and fly to Sullivan County, Indiana (the safest place in the world). Upon arrival I would then nuke Washington D.C.

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