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if you have a wimpy looking dog you might not want people to see it so theyll think it is fierce


I'm sure you are not referring to MY dogs.


I didn't know that had fenced yards in Malaysia......good idea though.


This is the greatest thing since sliced bread!..All dogs really want,is to see what's really going on.


That is a good idea. Our first dog used to play with a dog on the other side of the fence, and they would stick their noses through knots and try to bite each other's noses. This would prevent that for sure!! :) Not sure how much a neighbor would enjoy that being there though.


Another way to spoil my dog. And I'd probably buy it if I had a fence like that :-)


We really, really need this. Only our windows (we will need two) will be mounted only about a foot above the ground. Oh well!


I'd love one! I wonder if the 6 foot high wooden fence comes with it though. Hmmmmm....


my dogs would LOVE that, but they would bark bark bark at everything they saw. oh well, they already bark at everything now.

Fuzzy Logic

Yeah, I don't know.. I would think that for my dogs anyway, it would build anxiety for all the things they couldn't get at.

jayne d'Arcy

Those are great! I've seen a couple of those around here.


For some reason this gives me the giggles thinking about unsuspecting people walking by and then suddenly a dog nose poking through!


I don't have a dog or a fence, but I'd want this for sure if I had them.


now that's a good idea...too bad they can put them on car windows so they can stick their head out the window and still keep it up..


Why didn't I think of that?


What a great idea! Keeps the dog safe as well, from the humans who walk by and tease.

I'm going to the link...thanks for this post!


Cool! I need two for the dogs and one for me! Whoops, I've got to get a privacy fence first!


Can you just imagine the surprised expressions on passers by.

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