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Ha. Couldnt blame the dog if he had a really stupid costume.

Lonie Polony

And of course, walking on his hind legs also came perfectly naturally to him.


I've noticed this year there are non-pet stores selling pet costumes. Kohl's department stores, for example, are selling them pretty cheap - $5 - $10 a costume. Plus, I've seen them at 3 different pet stores (Confession - I shop a lot at pet stores) and at various pet expos.


I love the poodle pirate!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

I dunno ... my little dogs love to have their woolly sweaters on when it is cold. I have never tried dressing them in costumes for Halloween although one of the furgirls is a Toto lookalike and has walked with me while I was dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West!

Have a fun and safe Halloween with your pets!


I can never feel totally sorry for hunters who get accidentally shot. I love the story of the guy who was going to shoot some unwanted puppies until one of them shot him in similar circumstances..

I'm glad cats don't generally undergo this humiliation, but it does increase my respect for dogs. They will do anything for love, including indulging their owner's desires to dress them up, and that's cool.
Jan, are you dressing any of yours up?

Diamond Emerald-Eyes

The thing is, so many humans view their pets as their surrogate children. So they treat them more like small humans than like animals. In some ways that's fine, as it does equate to better care for the animals, but sometimes the lengths the humans go to is a bit outlandish. Even Walgreens is selling costumes this year for $5.99 for pets (I end up as pirate and little devil!) and because it is so readily available, humans will purchase it more as a point of sale thing than anything else.


I have an agreement not to dress them up and they won't be sullen.
Actually the Poodles like sweaters, but the other dogs try to call SPCA if I put anything other than a collar on them.


I can't help but giggle at the hunter's mishap! That's a real hunting Dawg!


When I have put a jacket or T-shirt on Bailey, he seemed to tolerate the clothing, but enjoy the attention and laughter. I don't dress them anymore though. It's cute, but sometimes I think it's humiliating for the dog (kind of like the orange dye-job on the dogs' blog - no, that's NOT one of mine.).


I think it's harmless fun as long as you don't hurt your pet. The least they can do is provide some entertainment for all the kibbles we buy for them.

BTW did you happen to see the presidential pets' costumes? The Cheney pets are particularly funny.


I have a problem with people who spend a fortune dressing their dog every day in a different outfit. But Halloween - well that's a different story ... it's almost like we humans are poking fun at ourselves for being so attached to our pets.


wow i didn't know that so much money was spent on halloween it is just a stupid day. I think i know why people spend that much money is because they want the biggest and best things so impress everybody.


My furkids are quite happy with the fact that I am not dressing them up this year.. but I must admit to loving many of the costumes. Many are just too funny. :-)


I think I have made myself perfectly clear on how I feel about dressing animals up in human clothes..I personally think it is a form of animal abuse...and to spend the money that people do on their dogs clothes is truly sad....


I think I have made myself perfectly clear on how I feel about dressing animals up in human clothes..I personally think it is a form of animal abuse...and to spend the money that people do on their dogs clothes is truly sad....I think everytime a person is tempted to buy clothes for their dog, they should just stop....and send that money to the local animal shelter..

Joey Dog Man

It's cool that the dog can stand like that but I hope it isn't a boy dog because you shouldn't dress boy dogs.

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