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Ah, that's great, and restores my faith a bit in human nature. Doggy nature is never in question, is it?


Hi Jan, I have a few extra minutes, couldn't wait to visit your site. I heard on the news about a few of your postings. It was nice to read about the good stuff. Everytime I tried to avoid the sad-bad news report yesterday about the small house that had abused and neglected exotic birds, dogs, and cats, alive and dead; I continued to jump up and change the channel. I don't even know the whole story but I hated what did creep into my ears. Every station managed to tell the story all day long in repetition. Hope all is well with you and your family. God Bless. Did I tell you about the orange tabby I had that thought he was "King?" Everytime he copped an attitude he would pose like a sphinx and stay frozen, waiting for me to notice and reply with "Chipper's the king!" He never changed his position until I left the room. I sure miss my pets (and my computer.) Have a great day.


Why is there a gun on the guy's end table??? People are so careless.


how cool is that?....and love the man shooting dog...now that's funny

Simply Jenn

I just don't understand who or what would be charged. The dog? Or the idiot with the loaded gun?

I'm so glad that boy found his therapy dogs I think my two German Shepherds are the best mental therapy I've ever had.


I read a couple days ago that the dog was missing - glad to hear they found her!

Bailey, Baxter, Brody & Peg

that's a heartwarming story about the chihuahua and the people who found him.

funny about the great dane. (not my fave dogs)

Bailey, Baxter, Brody & Peg

i just read thinkoffthefat's comment... you were on the news? wow, you're famous! and i can say i knew you when...


You were on the news?? Really? I'm your manager right? I get a cut of any $$$ right?

Love both the stories, but have to agree...what was the weapon doing on the table? Holding flowers?


As always a lovely story.

I do wish people would stop buying dogs as purse accessories.

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