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Miss Trashahassee

I thought Lassie was a girl!

Miss T

Lonie Polony

Insert name of local politician here...


Oh Lassie you are too cruel!


Glad you liked it Jan. I meant to email it to you, so I'm glad you found it first. :-)


i can think of about 12 people i would like to see in that well....starting with bush..


Good one...I am going to link to it. Thanks

Bailey, Baxter, Brody & Peg

good dog, Lassie.

Mary Jo Hostnik

All the Lassies were played by male dogs, but I agree, Good Dog Lassie! My local paper had a cartoon of a pit bull walking away from nothing but a pile of scatterd and torn clothes with a torn jersey in it's mouth with VICK across it and the dog was burping.


HA!! I love the cartoon...and some of the comments aren't too bad either ;) lol

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