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Simply Jenn

Both of my dogs are bred by the same breeder (who is absolutely amazing at keeping lines separate (is that what it's called?) She normally has 3-4 litters a year at $900 a pup. Oh yeah, she's going to be a millionaire. It's all just so very sad.


I guess it's a "labor of love" because she obviously isn't going to get rich this way. It's probably the puppy mills that are making more $$$, while the people who are trying to breed good and healthy dogs who are going broke. Hmmmm....

Sara Johnson

Bless Carol and all the breeders who work so hard and spend so much to make better dog breeds.


My goodness. I had no idea that breeding puppies required all this stuff....tubes of semen, ultrasounds, tests and more stuff....and in the end only one puppy. Good thing they don't go to college when they grow up.


I wrote this comment over on my blog, but will share it here, as well:

What’s really funny is that I, personally, don’t *expect* dog breeding to make money. I do it because I love it.

Some people love boats, or toy trains, or riding motorcycles. None of those people expect their hobbies which they love to make money - they are just things which they’re passionate about.

So, why should I expect any different from breeding?

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