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awwww.... I just hope they get their dog back. My worst nightmare would be to have my dogs stolen. Maybe she should get a house alarm system.


More pit bulls are probably like this sweet dog than the ones we hear about.


LOL.. Aww.. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, that's so sad.. And it sounds like my uncle's dogs (Staffordshire (?) terriers) who would probably just lick any burglar to death...

I had another friend who had one, and she broke her father's leg, by running up to greet him after a day at work. She didn't stop in time, and knocked him over with all that doggie love, and broke his leg! We all adroed that dog, she was a sweetheart, SOOO affectionate.


You already know my feeling on the way most so called "bully breeds" are misrepresented. I think this is a perfect example of that.

Actually if you want a guard dog you should go with something a wee bit more territorial like an Akita. I love them to death and they are very protective of their families. Perfect guard dog.


I realize that didn't sound exactly right. I meant this is a perfect example of why they aren't as bad as they're portrayed. Not trying to say this is portraying them in a bad light because it's not!



I had a 110lb pittybull dog..who was the biggest baby ever..but no one could have stole him...he knew no one buy me would buy a beef heart from the meat market just for him...
but I did have people try and steal his and mimi's puppies..but only once...nate jumped the fence and chased the car down the alley and about 2 miles down the street before they lost him..


I think sometimes Pit Bulls get a bad rap....I am sure there are a lot of them out there like Oz...he probably licked the thiefs and jumped in the get away car!


LOL... don't judge a book by its cover :D

Lonie Polony

Sadly, I've heard what happens to stolen pitbulls, at least around here lately. I hope he's returned unharmed.

Duke of Earle

We used to have an English Bulldog (named Marshmallow, btw, which name fit his personality to perfection). He scared people to death by running towards them. All he wanted was to be petted and rubbed. He loved people. But people would run the other way when he approached.

About his only downside was his, uh... flatulence. We frequently had to banish him to another room (which hurt his feelings, we could tell) because the smell nearly drove US out of the room.

We'll never forget Marshmallow!


Simply Jenn

As the owner of German Shepherds I know just how non-bullying the bullying breeds can be. Thanks for pointing out that not all dogs of certain breeds are vicious, especially when they are trained correctly.


I really hope they get their sweet dog back. This is so sad.


I hope they get their dog back. I doubt anyone could steal my dog unless they told her they were going for a ride in the car. She may make a lot of noise, as well, but she would be happy to show any thief where all the valuables are located for the small reward of a belly rub.

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