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That's good advice. I think that my dogs would never bite, yet put into the right situation they could revert back to instinct. That would be very scary to witness.

In Seattle, there is a "two bites and you're out" law. If a dog is reported for biting more than once, that dog is taken away from it's owner and euthanized. Another good reason for respecting dogs and not letting them get into a biting situation.

Cynthia Blue

Good information. All dogs have a bit threshold. Even Angel, my sweetest girl ever, would do so if she was really threatened.

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

This is something I wish more parents (and adults in general) would be aware of. I have 'cute' little dogs which people just assume are puppies (they're not) and they send their kids to pat them without asking first. I once had to restrain a child that was hitting my dog on the head while the parent beamed at Junior 'patting' the dog as he had instructed him to. Can you imagine if my dog had bitten the hand that was slugging her? Fortunately, my dog had better manners and I had better control!


This is a great reminder to all dog people that there are more ignorant people out there than not when it comes to how to behave around dogs.


Excellent advice. I taught my kids all this and I follow my own advice faithfully even though my kids call me "The Dog Whisperer" because I've never met a dog I couldn't befriend. Even friends have bad days, get protective, hurt, etc.


Good advice. Yes, we prefer to smell your butt before you pet us, or at least smell the back of your hand unless you are wearing strong perfume. Then you're in trouble.


All good suggestions/rules. Charlie in all of his glorious gentleness put his teeth ever so softly on my wrist when I tried to brush his tail the first month he owned me.


All very good advice. With my niece and nephew I've tried to teach them not to run at, away from, or around my dog. Artie is a sweetie without a mean bone in her body but she gets excited very easily and could accidentally bite someone she thought was playing with her.

She's sweet but she's not too bright. If you're playing with her she treats you like she would another dog which can include nips.

Doggy Mama

These are really great tips. One of the most importants thing we can do as dog lovers is respect that all animals are different, and are, in fact, animals. We must be responsible for our sake and most importantly, theirs!


Even accidental bites can be common, especially if the child is a toddler. This is all great advice...I have included it with others on my fridge. Thank you, Naomi!


The funny thing is how sometimes the unexpected dog can be the one you actually have to watch.

We have two dogs, one small border collie mix and one Akita/GSD/Malamute/Wolf mix. Everyone watches the Akita mix because she looks threatening - yet she's never even tried to nip someone. Now Bandit, the border collie, is the protective one. He'll try to herd people out of his yard and will do it by nipping the back of their thighs. We lock him up when service people are going to be over now.

dog travel supplies

Great tips! Thanks for the info.

Linda S

My partner often pretends to bite my neck and makes grrrr sounds and normally our dog (of just 4 months) who we adopted at 2.5 years old barks in response, however, today he lunged at my partner a bit his jaw. I think he cant have meant it as he would have drew blood surely if it was intentional but my Partner is very put out. My response was to send our dog to his bed which he duly did immediately and we have ignored him for an hour or so now. Is this the correct response? He has also growled at my little girl for rubbing his head which I dealt with the same way. Will he stop doing this, we don't really know his history but the rest of the time he is very placid an adores me in particular and sits touching me most of the time.

Rachel Stoneham

Dogs are relatively easy to train, but they can be aggressive when threatened. You provided some great tips here! :D I've been looking for some information like this since I'm planning to buy my own dog this week. :)

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