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What a crock...they should have allowed her more..and her job back...that boss should get bit many times by rabid dogs..


Wow. Karma will get the boss, but what about Chris Storm? Will she get another job that will allow her to have her dog? I sure hope so. I think the boss should be fired, give Chris her job back (with the dog) and find another boss.

That is an excellent point that the attorney makes about the dog being better than taking a pill. I tell anyone will listen that after a stressed out day at work, I go home and fluff my dogs and it makes all of the stress go away. There is no therapy better than a wagging tail and happy licks.

Miss Trashahassee

I agree with Jackie. That boss has some sort of freaky disorder that should be treated with a pack of rabid bulldogs.

Well, not really. That boss needs some sensitivity training, but I doubt it would help. She sounds too far gone.


the whole mental health clinic should go out of busines if thats how they treat peolple.


Heaven save those jurors from any sort of mental problem because imagine how they would feel after the fact that they themselves discriminated against Ms Storm. As for Ms Stanton? A whole heap of doggie poop on her.


That mental health clinic she worked for, sounds like they like to push drugs, sort of the neighborhood pusher.

Joshua Xalpharis

I wouldn't go as far as to say that anxiety and depression are legitimate mental disorders but I can see how the dog had helped her out.

Do I think she was wrongfully fired?

You bet your ass. Put me on the jury too. I would have given her a lot more than $45,000.


That clarifies things....Stanton sounds like a real b**ch who probably had an axe to grind with Ms Storm and finally got the chance to act on it.
Incredible that it had to come to a lawsuit, but as presented here, it never would have if Stanton had acted like a reasonable human being instead of a harpy.
I hope Storm manages to find another good job, with her dog!
If anyone is interested, NYT.com has an excellent article on dogs in the workplace today...you might have to register to read it but it's free and they don't ever send you spam.

Janey Loree

I agree that Chris should have been reinstated in her old job and the boss fired.


I worked for this lady.. I hope the Money she won could have gone to someone more needing, than this female. Trust and Honesty are not two things that she respects. I bust my rear-end for her, and when it came to my word, it meant nothing.


Cara Fletcher

This new approach on depression and anxiety seems very promising and it may put meds and their side effects in the past and the people can overcome their depression healthily with no problems.

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