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This brought a smile to my face, Jan...thank you!


a nice lady called my dog dirty once, i dont remember the nice ladys name.



What a perfect little lady you have there... she should have made toast out of him!

I had to pass the "ChaDich" test before I could be let into my partners house.. fortunately I passed.. (and I had drool issues.. so over that now!)


Ain't that the truth. :-)


Misty is a very wise girl! Lucky you to have her as a filter.


My dog got out one day and a neighbor found him. At the time I had a shar pei. When I went to her house to pick him up she said he was ugly. I always knew there had to be a reason why I didn't like her.

Potential items must always pass the pet test. I'm pretty sure it's a written law somewhere.


ROFL this is awesome. I do this with guests. This is my dogs house, she's allowed in. If they don't like it they can either leave or not visit. It's quite simple, really.


I used to have a sign when I had the pittybull dogs..."They live here...you don't."
love me..love my dog...or as the case may be...my cat...

Karen Shanley

Too cute!


My poodle would have just kept dancing. He seems to hone in on the people who don't "love" him and just smothers them with attention.


Jan, there has to be more to this story. Like he angrily shoved her face away. Or she bit him. I don’t like it when someone’s dog jumps up on me. If they do I hold my open palm to them do discourage them from doing this. But I don’t actually touch them.

About twenty years ago I was invited into the house of the girl I thought was the prettiest in high school. I entered and immediately her small dog started smelling my legs and shoes. She shouted, “Prince! Get away! Leave him alone.”

I said, “He’s okay. He’s just getting to know me. All dogs do this.”

“Oh no! He’ll smell till he’s satisfied then he’ll raise his leg and urinate on you.”

“You’re just kidding.”

“No I’m not. Keep an eye on him and if you see him raise his leg jump out of the way.”

We started chatting about other things and soon I was mesmerized by this vision of loveliness. I’m not talking about the dog here.

Then she shouted, “Look out! He’s doing it!”

I jumped six feet. She roared with laughter because the dog wasn’t even in the same room by this time.

It was a funny joke. But I was the butt of it. It was strange, after we calmed down I noticed that she was slowly losing her sparkle. She became like…like…history.

Dirty Butter

LOL! This is one post where the comments are as funny as the post was! Love it!!


It's important to us doggy people that friends and lovers appreciate our special little companions too! When will non-dog people understand this? The dog is part of the package too! ;)


Yuck. If someone wanted to write a description in a book of an unappealing guy, I don't think it could be any clearer than that....


that's such a sad story. sad because he did that to her (the jackass) and sad because she was still happy afterwards. yes, i'm glad he was history after that. the end of him.

Debbies Dog Clothes

Very cute.

LuLu and LoLLy

Dear Misty! This is LuLu and LoLLy! It sounds like you did very good work! Good job keeping the not so nice humans away from your mom! We are very proud of you. Also, you are much nicer than us. We would have tried to bite him! We miss you! Your Maltese paLs, LuLu and LoLLy


we didn't think it was necessary to bite him. he lost. hehehe

Adam loves shitzu puppies

This is a very funny story. Way to go Misty! Keep up doing the good work. You did a great job guarding her away from her bad date. Thank you for sharing it here on thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com. I do believe that when you decide to be in a relationship with someone, you should also accept the people they love and even their pets! It wouldn’t work out if you would keep on hating their pet dog. You should understand that their pet is also very important to them. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you very much! I hope you keep on posting more.

rox wisely

LOL! These stories make my day. Poodles are smart creatures, some humans are not.

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