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It's amazing how intuitive dogs can be! We watched one of the Lassie movies last night. Although the Lassie dogs are clever performers who act on cue, it's great to be reminded that there are real-life canine heros (like Hero!) in the doggy world! I loved this story!


A(nother) wonderful story, thank you Jan :-)

Karen Shanley

Wow! An amazing story indeed. With a happy ending to boot! I just love those.


Glad I came over and read your post on this as I hadn't read where the dog came from or if he had been adopted. What a wonderful animal!


That's a great story. Hero knew he was needed for something special.

Miss Trashahassee

Animals are amazing.


No offense to her other dogs... but this is a dog you keep... what have her other dogs done for her?? :-)


What a wonderful story.

Have a great week!


It is wonderful when a dog (or even a kid :-)) is allowed to find and reach for its potential.

Cynthia Blue

Ah good for him. :) I hope he finds a wonderful career! What a smart dog.

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