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Miss Trashahassee

Young'uns says the dad-gummested thangs.

They says young'uns is little copies of ourselveses.

But when mines is actin' up they is little copies of they ol' man.

Terrier mom

I was at a dog park recently when a man brought three huge dogs. They made messes and terrorized the other dogs, making the dog park useless for the rest of us.


hee hee...I like your daughter..


When you have governments and organizations basically wanting to take parental responsibility away for things like character development, monitoring what their children watch, read, play, etc it shouldn't surprise anyone that people start to not take responsibility for other areas of their lives as well.


Your daughter is one smart cookie.
Our favourite vacation retreat has a special beach area allocated for dogs apply named Canine Cove. Most of the visitors are so happy to have such an area that they do comply with the poop and scoop rules.

Cynthia Blue

If only we had holodecks... and could each have our own pristine clean and beautiful beach, with or without other holo-dogs. :)


Well, irresponsibility always bring misunderstanding and angry. and that's was very well said by your daughter..


perhaps some really expensive fines, or just like the dog parks have pooper scoopers around, but really we should not be babby sitting people to take responsability for their animals, but something needs to be done so you know that we can hit the beach and not have to worry about steping in dog pop.

James the puppy master

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