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I think, centuries ago, dogs would have seen as us FOOD. But, I know what you mean about supporting your dogs and where is the gratitude. I always joke with my pup (not that he understands what I'm saying), "I feed you, I clothe you, and what do I get in return!?" I also do a thing where I use a tone of mock compassion and say, "Oh, you poor thing, you have it sooooo hard. You sleep, you play, you eat."


why else would they put up with humans?


For years now, I've been telling myself my cat loves me, and is concerned that I not miss my bus to work in the morning. Damn, now you've bust my illusion.. ;-)

Oh, who am I kidding. It's the almost climbing into the kibble container that gave her game away.


Mmm...mmm we have that type of behavior in our home too! Come winter, our boys cling to their beds and won't hardly raise a whisker of acknowledgment as we try to coax them out for a morning 'bussi'. It's off to work for us while they loaf around!

Imagine coming home one day to find the house work done by our canine lay-abouts? Not in this life!


If u feel that way why do u even have pets?


I could give you mine for a while, Jan. She barely lets me out of her sight. I think she's afraid I'll vanish into thin air.

Now the cats, they barely notice when I come home.


I can sneak into the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and get a slice of cheese..the minute she hears the plastic wrap ...bam..there she is...wrapping herself around my ankles, begging for some..when it comes to food, we are their best friend...


Furry little parasites.

hehehe! that it too funny.. as for Toni's comment, (s)he obviously missed the sarcasm...

I love my furbutts, but when the demands get to be too much (I'd like a new collar to match the car, please), I tell them to get a job!



Fuzzy little parasites. I ♥ that. Completely and totally.

Exactly what they are lol

Chelsea always follows me to the gate though, she loves to go for car rides and is eternally hopeful. She also howls and talks to me whenever I come home....mostly because she wants inside. lol


The BC's are always up the minute someone's toe hits the cold hard floor. They are border collies after all and always ready, ready, ready...the cows are another story. If you think dogs are pampered, try the life of a modern day dairy cow. We give them everything they could possilbly want or need, but they still don't want to get up in the morning. "Ah, my straw is nice and warm," they seem to say, "Why should I stand up so you can milk me, when I can lie here chewing my cud and day dreaming?"
Good thing they love the grain cart and get up for that! lol


Maybe we would have BEEN the food source. LOL.
I say the same thing to my dawgs as I go out the door. Considering who feeds and cares for and houses and picks up after whom, doesn't it make you wonder who is in charge, really? Haha.


Yup.. our doggy buds have it pretty good these days.

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