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They probably figure that there are some Americans who will buy anything if it is different and elaborate. I think they are right.


LOL.. Nooooo, that can't be real. What if the dog miss-aimed because you tied it wrongly, that would be so nasty, I can't even think about it. Ick.
I'd prefer to make a political statement with it, if I were a dog.

Thanks for the laugh.. :-)


I think they are serious. Thats why they have so many detailed steps to put it on.


That's just wrong on so many levels.


Seems a lot easier just to stick a plastic bag into my pocket. :-)


Like any self respecting dog would use that thing...kind of like using a porta potty while camping right in the middle of the campground with out an enclosure. I talked to Penelope about it and showed it to her....she said she would just wait and go in the house so I'd know never to put something like that on her again. Violet? she wanted to play fetch with it.


Good grief. It's serious. They are looking for distributors, even.
That seems like an awful lot of work and silliness in order to save a single step - the actual scooping of the poop.
I'd love to see peoples' reactions to these things being sold at a dog show or pet expo or something!


It looks like a Doggy Chastity Belt....

Karen Shanley

I'm with you, Jan. What dog is going to stand still long enough for you to put the thing on? With my Graidy, who has to go when he has to go, an accident would have already occurred around strap 16.


now we know where the expression 'go shit in a hat came from'....that's gross


That's just not right!


How undignified for the dog! What will they think of next? Can't stop laughing...


WASTE of money!!!!!Using diapers on a dog as a replacement for training is like forcing a child to wear diapers all it's life because you're too lazy to teach him or her anything.


There is no way my dog would go for that, but then again, we don't need it. For the certain dog it may be a vaible option.


I wonder if they make these for cats....MWAHAHA!!!


Its my first time knowing about this and I was shocked at first but it eventually turned into curiosity.

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I got interested immediately because I have potty problems with my dog and this can really be a big help to him.

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Dog Lover

This has got to be a joke! It's the funniest thing I've seen yet. There's no way my golden retrievers would let you put one of these contraptions on them, let alone be able to walk without trying to scoot it off! What will people think of next?

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This is too funny! My dog would just be running around in circles trying to get whatever it is off of her. It is funny the things they come up with sometimes.


I am trying to order this product but can not get on their site as it is closed. Does anyone know where I can order?

Bryan Cochran

Do they make those for humans? I have a few family members who could use them.

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