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I was going to suggest agility classes before I read your last paragraph. It also lets them be with other dogs.


That is a very interesting story. Like Sally, I was thinking "that dog needs an agility course."


Had a dog named Tia Pan once...it was part Weimaraner and part the rest of the neighborhood, but a good dog nonetheless. He slept inside when it was cold and had a good house outside and was never tied (at first).

He started being gone for a day or two at a time and then come back with some animal or its skin at least. Then it was 3 or 4 and then people would call from the number on his collar. "Your dog is standing in front of the store...", so I'd go get him. We began to call him the Kroger "brown couresty dog!" Then a nearby nursing home called and they were feeding him biscuits. He once got as far as 20 miles away.

I kept him chained for a time, but he would sit on top of his house and stare off across the fields. I let him go and he stayed for a few weeks.

The final straw for me was when a guy called and said, "Your dog is sitting on the hood of my car!"

I removed my tag, afraid for being sued, and not wanting to tie him up. We never heard from him again after that.

Maybe I should have kept him chained, but that's cruel too.


What an amazing little dog! So lucky to make it home again! I agree, there are some dogs that no matter how great their home is get wanderlust. Our Zipper is inclined that way. He'll trot off if he gets the chance for about an hour or so, then return and wait at the front door until somebody lets him in!


Forgot to mention that we even had him neutered in an effort to keep him home. He wasn't interested in the ladies, he wanted to explore and hunt.

Karen Shanley

What a story! And a good reminder for people, when choosing a dog, to make sure they know what their dog is bred to do. Because you're not going to be able to go against Mother Nature.

I think Rat Terriers are cool dogs, but I'm glad I have my non-roaming Aussie and BC mix. I swear, if I left the gate open, Kiera would go close it for me and shake her head in disgust at my forgetfulness! LOL!


Jan, I had a dog once that wandered, no matter what. That was just the way he was...it seemed he loved us, he showed his love often, but there was something inside him that made him want to explore. Of course, that was illegal in my town, and I was called many times by the SPCA, who got to know him very well.

All suggestions from others about what I could do came to naught, nothing worked. He finally stopped wandering at the age of 13...when he curled up in front of the fireplace and pretty much stayed put for the rest of his life!


Rat Terriers are like that. I meet them often, and I have to agree, they're really smart!


My dog never wanted to go anywhere without me; but we have a cat who wants to go out in the worst way. He ran out of our house and was gone for 2 weeks. After our local mail deliverer brought him back, we thought he would not want to be out anymore. We were wrong! He meows and paces when we let our dog out to the backyard. He waits when we let the dog in. He sticks his head out sniffing the air before the screen door closes. He then sniffs the dog for the outdoor scents. I sometimes think he is totally jealous of the dog. In a way I wish I could let him out sometimes, but I do not believe he would come back.


My son had a part Rat Terrier.. just the sweetest dog you ever met.. but also the busiest. :-)


one day at the library i met' baby'....he was a great dane and he got in my truck and woudlnt get out..took him home with me and tried to find his owner...no luck..had him for about 6-8 months...he was what my girfriend called a runner..he left...guy named paul had him out in the country...he stayed for about 6 months and moved across the street...and then he just disappeared like he showed up ...but what a great dog he was....

Rickson Richie

what a nice rog story, hopefully my dog will not do that..i guess i will not see her again if i lost her..

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Some dogs are just born to run. Although the reasons for running away are varied, there are a couple of common themes. Dogs run away either
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Dogs have their own psyche. They might don't like things that we think the like..

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