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For some reason, poop always wins. ;) Congrats!


poop ALWAYS wins'..


Congrats! How does it feel to be mentioned by "The Blog Watch"?


Of course poop wins, it's totally logical. Congrats :D

John Hughes

I confess to having picked your poopy blog post for inclusion in The Bee's Sunday Blog Watch column.

For 19 years, I worked at The Bee as the letters editor. I received a lot of angry correspondence over the years. One writer sent me a Payless Disposable Enema and a note on how to use it. Thankfully, no one ever thought to send me dog poop. Needless to say, your post had special meaning for me.


Great post Jan! Conglatulations! Bet you never imagined you'd be a finalist for a post about doggy poop! The blogosphere isn't it wonderful?

Dirty Butter

Of all your great posts, and THAT's the one they end up publishing! Congrats, but it's just too funny!!!

Karen Shanley

Jan, congratulations! That's great. Guess poop sells. :)


Awesome.. lol

I'm thankful I have nice congresspersons I don't want to send dog poop to. ;-)

How about cat poop? Is that still covered? Our mayor can still be a bit of an *sshole sometimes..


And I bet you hesitated to write about poop - dog people being the classy, demure and sophisticated individuals that we are. Congratulations!


Good for you! Congrats! Better doggie poopie than cat poop with litter stuck to it!


Now this is exciting. Way to go!

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