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That is so great. Babies seem to bring out the most protective in all species. Good for your family to save the kittens.


How cute. They probably acted that way because of being "mothered" by the dog.

Karen Shanley

Very sweet. And very tolerant of the mama dog to let cubs kneed her teets with their sharp little claws. Hope someone thought to trim them.

I could see how your kittens would take to Mickey. She's just the right size for them! So happy to hear you got to enjoy her for so many years.


Great post! I'm always learning something new.


what a cute story..about the doggie and your kittens...yea, i have had to hand feed lots of puppies, kittens, birds, ferrets, and assorted other animals when mom wasn't around..it's a lot of work..but very rewarding..


That is so awesome :D

I love the stories about how one animal will adopt another animal's young; it's always very interesting.


We have raised a few motherless kittens, (or the kids have-it takes a lot of patience) and you have my sympathy. Quite a job.
We also raised a lamb in the house with the border collies, inadvertently turning it into a wooly dog.
It actually ran out around the heifers with the dogs when they were herding and followed us everywhere. The cows hated it!


That's such a lovely story - both of the tiger cubs and your own dog. It is amazing how much a product of environment animals, as I suppose we, are. It all depends on the circumstances in which we are raised in...and I suppose also 'who' does the raising.


She looks like she is thinking, "There is a limit to this police work. These cats have teeth!"

Here from Blog Village Carnival.

John Masters (JAM)

These types of stories are amazing. There was one on TV recently where a cat was nursing a "bad" spaniel's puppies. You could tell the spaniel was dumb as a stump, but the cat just stayed around and nursed the puppies.

Good thing for them.

(I'm here from the Blog Village Goes Gonzo Carnival.)


Very neat post. It would have been interesting if the babies had followed Mom into police work...

I'm here from the Carnival.


Isn't it neat how cats can become so outgoing when raised with dogs? Our cats greet our dogs like long-lost family when they enter a room, offering snuggles and head bumps and face rubs, all with the enthusiasm of two dogs greeting each other. I also have cats who are very aloof and "cat-like", which is fine, but my hand-raised and fearless kittens totally blow me away on a regular basis.


I love to hear stories like this.

Janey Loree

Hi Jan, this post is great as usual! Have you posted about the Papillion that mothered a squirrel? I'll send you the email I received from my cousin if you would like!! I followed your link from the BLOG VILLAGE Goes Gonzo Carnival!!!


Here from Blog Carnival. Nice post.


What a great story! We can learn so much from animals.


Shara comes when I call her, always. But she doesn't do the doggie dance of joy though.. lol

She did earn the nickname 'puppydog' because of her following me around and coming when I call. I think Robert's a little jealous, she doesnt do it for him, but then, I am the walking can-opener.


Great heartwarming story and good post Jan. I'm here from Blog Village Carnival.


how cute i want a tiger cub

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